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Make $150 / Day - Sharing Files - 8 Tips

CashShare is a site much like as it allows you to upload files and then
pays you as you get others to download your files. The difference between ShareCash
and other sites is that ShareCash will pay A LOT more. CashShare pays $450 to $750
dollars for every 1,000 downloads, where pays around $5 dollars for every
1,000 downloads. What I am going to show you right now is how you can grab a hold of
ShareCash and make AT LEAST 50 dollars a day from it!

So first if you have not yet done so, Click here Upload Files - Share - Get Pay Per Download - CashShare

and sign up for an account. There is no fee to sign up and it takes a few minutes to do so.
Now you should familiarize yourself with the site so take a good 5 minutes or so to look around. 

Now I have spent some serious time developing these methods and making them work.
Some are quick and easy and will bring some good cash while others will take more time,
but will bring unbelievable cash!

Method 1: Youtube
This is an easy way to get started. People will download anything from youtube. So to get
started make sure you have an account with youtube. Next go over to daily motion and
find a good strip tease video where the girl gets naked at some point in the video.
Download the video from daily motion using KeepVid: Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more! and fire up windows movie
maker. The idea is that we want to post the video up to the point where it becomes
obvious that the girl is about to show off some skin (boobs or bottom half) and then we cut
the video right there. Now what your going to do is upload the cut portion to youtube.
Since there is no actual nudity in this video (since you cut it out) youtube will not take the
video down. Upload the entire video to cashshare and put the link in the description box
next to your video. Give the video a long sexy name and watch as people download the
entire video from your link in order to see the girl naked! Tons of people search for girls on
Youtube so your videos will get plenty of views very fast.

Method 2: Orkut and Myspace method
Signup to yahoo and myspace account. Make around 300-400 friends on them. It will take little
bit of time but you can do it easily if you spend around 1 hour daily on that and add around 50
persons a day. Its not so easy but its not even so hard. I got around 500 friends within two
weeks.Most important thing: Concentrate only of UK, US and Canada people because sharecash only
pays for these countries signups. It would be much easier for you if you join US and UK
communities. If you are comfortable then try to make your profile by a girl’s name. Mostly people
add a girl more commonly than a guy.After creating a ID with 400-500 friends. Add your uploaded pic in your profile or update status.
For example:
Create a notepad file. Clock it with your sharecash link and add in your profile. Encourage
peoples to download your file by saying that this is your phone number, coolest or sexiest pic of
yours, or be wilder like this is my nude cam show download it. There will be many hornies there
to download your stuff.
Update your profile daily and keep on adding more US and UK friends.

Method 3: Forums are your friend!
Ahh yes forums my favorite place to get downloads from. So what we're gonna do for this
method is find any porn forum and copy a few porn passwords that people post up. If you
just look around at a few places like Dumpster Sluts Free Porn Forum you'll find a few
passwords. Now go ahead and copy those passwords into a text document and archive it
with winrar. Here's where we're going to do things a little differently. Most people will go
and outright post these files on the forums with your download link. Now this will bring in a
few bucks, but when the passwords run out or someone sees a few postings about how
they already use these passwords, your thread is pretty much dead. Instead your going to
sign up to as many porn forums as you can and place your download link in your signatur
with anchor text such as "Free GangBros Passwords." Then just post all over the place
saying things like "Wow nice video" or "Thanks for the videos" stuff like that so people will
see your name and signature. If the forum will not allow your download link in the
signature just make a free blogger blog with the download link on there and have your
signature redirect them there with the same achor text. You will see huge traffic with this
method, trust me everyone wants free porn passwords!

Method 4: Roms and Emulators
This is my biggest money maker by far, and its actually pretty easy to set up. The only
reason that this is the most advanced method is because it requires a few things such as
a website, hosting and some experience in creating a website and making it look decent.
If you can make this method happen you will see a huge amount of downloads come
through. What you do is search for nintendo ds roms and emulators in google. Now when
you find a good site just download as many as you can. I use a few sites to download ds
roms, but starting up I just went to mininova and downloaded a huge file with like 100+ ds
roms. This got my site off the ground much faster and took the hassle out of downloading
a 100 or so files seperately. Just upload all the files to seperately and post
them on your new website. If you keep your site updated with new releases you can get a
couple thousand downloads in a day easy. If you submit your site to any of the top 100
Rom lists you can get some awesome traffic that way. Altermatively you can submit to
digg and reddit claiming that you've found the best DS Rom site on the web. Just
remember to put a disclaimer on your site stating that all roms downloaded need to be
deleted within 24 hours unless the legal copy is owned. That statement will keep your rom
site legal so dont forget it!

Method 5: Digital Comics
Digital Comics are very popular on the web currently, and no one is using cashshare to
promote online comics. There are a few things you can do here. For one you can visit
Free Online Comic Books and download a few comics and then post them on
a blogger blog. Of course digg traffic works well here since comics usually cost money to
download online. Another way to explode this is to use a site called Now what
you do is visit the comic section pick a comic book you downloaded and post the front
cover and then next to that post the download link. A small description will help with this
and get a couple people commenting on it. Again everyone loves free comics and 4chan is
a great place to get your comics downloaded.

Method 6: Exploit Lazyness
This is probably my favorite method just because its actually very creative. What you need
to do is go to any manual traffic exchange (look on google you'll find a ton) and sign up to
a few. Upload a large picture or any small program that is about 1 to 2 megs in size and
name it "Traffic Exchange Bot." Make a quick blogger blog and delete everything from the
page except for the post and title. Make The title large and the body easy to read. State
that you have a free traffic exchange bot that they can have to use for the traffic exchange
they are on. You can customize the page and make one for each traffic exchange you
use. People will download the file hoping for a bot, even if you dont have a bot for them to
download once they download the file and see that its not a bot they will more than likely
just move on with their traffic exchanging while you just got a download out of it! Make
sure you .rar the file that you upload so it appears believable. You can participate in the
exchange to get credits or just buy some, either way you will get conversions easily since
everyone hates having to do manual traffic exchanges.

Method 7: Current Blackhat Niche Method: Michael Jackson
Of course!
Download a dramatic looking picture of Michael Jackson (A close up of his face or
whatever) and edit the photo by placing a caption of a quote and his life span (1958-2009
or whatever). Throw up a blogger blog saying everyone should pray for Michael Jackson
and download this picture and put it as their background for their computer. There are way
to many nuts out there for this not to work! Put a link to it on digg and reddit with a title
saying something like "Support Michael Jackson's family, download this picture and place
it as your background. Pictures honoring the king of pop" Just remember to make your title
as long as possible and you'll be fine!

Method 8: Take help of websites or blogs
It was the simplest method and yet most reliable method. If you have a good website which got
around 1K-2K visitors per day then create a simple banner and clock it with your sharecash
URL. Try to give free ebooks related to your niche. Peoples just love free stuffs. For getting free
ebook or something you can simply search on google, rewrite the whole content and then go. If
you want to be bully then simply copy paste that method and give it for free. Ask your friends to
place your free stuff clocked banner of URL to place on their websites or blogs.

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